A little bit about me…

I am an outdoors enthusiast living in the heart of Maine.  My passion for the outdoors flows into my photography and is reflected in my work.  In addition to photographing landscapes and nature, I also offer lifestyle photography where I take great pleasure in capturing all of the special moments of peoples lives.  While special occasions are ones that must be memorialized with beautiful photos, I strongly believe that the every day, common moments are some of the most beautiful to capture.  I thrive on being able to encapsulate life’s moments for my clients.  It has been said, “Take lots of pictures, because you’re only going to regret the ones you didn’t take.”  Further North Photography is here to help make sure you have no regrets.

My start with amateur photography began as a young girl with a 35mm camera and an eye for nature and animals.  When I became a mother I wanted to treasure each moment as my children grew.  Out of that desire my photography interest heightened. I had the pleasure of studying under Bernie Littlefield (and may I just say, AMAZING!)  During that time I acquired many skills to add to my photography tool kit.  As my skills and passion grew, an outside interest in my photography formed and I began to be sought out as a hired professional photographer. From there my business has grown exponentially and I have captured many families and graduating seniors happy moments, as well as some creative engagement sessions and weddings.

(Photo credit: t.Dow Photography  Thanks Taylor!)

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