It’s all in the name…

Dug into the archives today for a little explanation. I’ve been asked why I changed my business name from Angela Snow Photography to Further North Photography. While I adore all the people I meet doing portrait photography in the populated areas of Piscataquis County, my love of photography grew from a start of capturing landscapes further north in Piscataquis County in places like Greenville, Kokadjo and Chesuncook. When folks would say the did not know I was enjoying photography my frequent answer was- I’ve been doing it further north. And so it was simple. Further North Photography fits just perfectly.

Kokadjo, Maine. A cold February sunrise bouncing off what is left of the the old driving shack from the Scott Paper Company days. This is across from our family camp on the south shore of First Roach Pond.


Chesuncook, Maine. The sun rising from behind Mount Katahdin over Chesuncook Lake. This photo is taken from the front porch of the Chesuncook Lake House oneĀ cold January morning. It was about 7:45 am and -20 degrees. (yup… Negative!) If I remember correctly it did not warm up much that day.

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